At HISPA Café we honor and celebrate the origins and history of coffee, from Spain, Portugal, and Italy, to the America's and the growing global community of coffee lovers. We exist to promote a greater appreciation for coffee, cultures and common ground.

Café do Brazil - Carnaval


HISPA Café’s Carnaval Espresso Roast

What do espresso and carnaval have in common?

Their origin! Established and perfected in Italy, ESPRESSO was a quick way of making a single cup of coffee, "espressly" for one. In fact, the invention of the original espresso maker is attributed to Angelo Moriondo, a well known Italian inventor and entrepreneur who was awarded the patent in 1884. It’s no wonder Italy is renowned for its coffee brewing techniques. Espresso coffee has since become a preferred drink around the world and serves as the base for other drinks, such as the cappuccino, macchiato, café Americano, café con leche, cortadito, and colada, just to name a few. 

CARNAVAL (Brazilian-Portuguese) originates from an Italian tradition “carnivale” (festival), celebrated in Italy for centuries. Later, it spread to Spain, Portugal and other European countries. Today, Carnaval is celebrated throughout all of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in many other parts of the world.

Honoring the traditions of fine Italian coffee and espresso brewing we've sourced single-origin coffee beans from the #1 coffee producing country in the world (Brazil) to produce a flavorful "Carnaval-infused"* artisan roast espresso coffee. What does this mean? Simple - CELEBRATE LIFE! Remember this each day while your’re enjoying HISPA Café!

At HISPA Café we honor the story and origins of coffee by celebrating the richness of cultures, languages, and heritage...and our shared love for a great cup of café!

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our vision! 

* HISPA Coffee contains no additives. Contents of each bag sold are 100% Arabica, espresso ground or whole, coffee beans.  

Our Vision

At HISPA Café we honor and celebrate the origins and history of coffee, from Spain, Portugal, and Italy, to the America's and the growing global community of coffee lovers. We exist to promote a greater appreciation for coffee, cultures, and common ground.

Social Enterprise: Supporting Education and College Students

True to our vision, a percentage of all sales support the HISPA Coffee Aficionados For Education (C.A.F.E.) Fund.

Achieving your DREAMS will take courage and commitment, and perhaps a little café!

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"I'm particular about my coffee, and my causes. I enjoy the coffee. Very happy to know I am supporting your HISPA Coffee Aficionados For Education Fund, too."

- Anonymous


Thank you for supporting us!

"Coffee definitely helped me get through college! As a professional, it feels great to know my purchase also supports college students."

- Emma

"Love the flavor. I use it to make café con leche and it adds a nice caramel tone."

- Daniel

A journey of love, passione, and cafezinho!

As a proud Puerto Rican with an Italian name and an affinity for Bossa Nova, I've always had a fascination for two countries - Italy and Brazil. In 2012, I vividly recall savoring the most incredible cappuccino while in Italy with my brother. It was also the first time, when at a villa in Tuscany, I heard my name pronounced perfectly, almost as if sung in Italian, when at 5:30 am the villa owner says from a distance, “Buongiorno, Virgilio!” Hearing her, with the backdrop of the breathtaking hills of Tuscany, was an unforgettable moment. In 2016, I was equally overtaken by Brazil's history and rich culture while traveling throughout the northeast, central, and southern parts of the country. It was also the first time hearing live Bossa Nova along the beach in Rio de Janeiro. I was in heaven.

Given my lifelong appreciation for heritage, languages, and cultures, this fascination has now evolved into a commitment to celebrating the origins and story of coffee, cultures, and common ground - beginning with our love for coffee.

I am honored to share my story, our vision, and a truly delicious coffee. 

Thank you for supporting HISPA Café!

Virgilio Rodriguez, CEO


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